Why Choose Digital Marketing Course In Nagpur

We are come up with The agency based digital marketing institute in Nagpur. Quite shockingly you will not find our digital marketing trainers to be expert digital marketers in Nagpur since they all carry over 3 yrs of experience in digital marketing while a lot of other digital marketing expert trainers in Nagpur have no experience. Maybe because we choose only those trainers who have Been A Part Of Real Business And Implemented Strategies At P& L Level. Majority of other digital marketing institutes in Nagpur have trainers who have never worked in a P&L setup, they have been agencies with just one side of learning and hence your digital marketing learning could be shallow. Besides all Chief Mentor, Giriraj Panpaliya Has unmatched experience and expertise which is the BIGGEST ASSET for all Echo Students. He ensures he shares his learning to every batch In Nagpur
In the institute of digital marketing in Nagpur every digital marketing batch gets to create a real-time live campaign on Google Adwords, Entrepreneurs have a choice of creating those campaigns for their own business, of course, the spend is paid by ECHO. This ensures our students have confidence in creating live Adwords campaigns.

Learn it from Google Partners

Our students of Nagpur who are joining digital marketing have access to paid email platforms to learn email automation. While sending emailer through bulk mailing platforms is no great shakes, however, email automation, driving sales through inbound marketing is the need of the hour.
ECHO Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Ad campaigns are managed by students in the live classroom.
Our Trainers Of digital marketing institute of Nagpur support for any problems faced in real-time stays with you always even after the completion of the course.
We the echo people of Nagpur practice Inbound Marketing for our acquisition. Inbound marketing is the future of digital marketing. We would not bug you by constant calls or emailers post your enquiry, we might call you just two-Three times and leave the rest for you to decide.
we the digital marketing institute of Nagpur do not believe in simply adding bullet points to course content just for the heck of it. We go full deeper into whatever we train.
Once A Echo Digital Marketing institute of Nagpur Student, Always a student. Our past Digital Marketing Course Students from Nagpur can attend any session at any time, with prior information and availability of the seats. Ensuring they are in sync with what’s new. They do not have to pay the fees again.

Key takeaway at our Digital Marketing Course in Nagpur

12 Certificates

Be a certified pro, equipped with all major certifications from Google, Hubspot, Facebook and more, covered over the course of program/throughout the program.

Live Project Experience

Garner the experience of working in an agency ambiance. Work as a team on live scenarios to experiment, analyse, report and relearn

Agency Experience

Become industry ready! Experience the agency life from day one with real-time clients, goals, budgets and deadlines.

Learn from Expert

ach module will be handled by the CEO of Echo Advertising Agency who will share both his knowledge and real-time experience with you.

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